Written by: Andrey Fisht

Have you heard of 
The city on the 
Danube bank,
The place where 
Hungary was born,
Where great river 
makes its fate.
The greatest 
temple up to sky,
Touches the 
Heaven's Gates,
The grand dome 
comes to Paradise,
The bell is calling 
for right way.
This temple's on 
the highest hill,
Believe me,upper 
than the clouds,
From any distance 
could be seen,
Besides,you feel 
bell's sounds.
What a hidden 
lovely place!
What are the 
ancient streets!
There are full of 
pure grace,
They don't want 
you so easily 
Have you heard of 
The wisdom land 
of ancient kings,
The place of the 
ever hope,
Under angels 
mystic wings.
The valleys and 
the hills of 
Danube finds here 
slow way,
Estergom shows 
you a fairy-tale,
The place you 
want to stay...