You Could Say Anything

Written by: casper chubs

Im just a fifteen year old
In love with women
Put a naked girl on it and im sold
Ill take it to the linen

I think its something with how we re wired
Because it seems to be all of us boys
Our minds are constantly tired
Especially once we ve given up toys

But for some reaason you caught my eye
I cant even put one of my long fingers on it
I get this feeling like without you i would die
Maybe its the way you laugh or your wit

And its not embarassing
I dream of caressing

So you could say anything*
And i dont think the feeling would change
You could yell so loud that my ears ring
And no i dont think its strange

The point is that i have this funny feeling
And it could be just because im a fifteen year old
I think its the warmth that youre healing
Because its true that i used to be cold