Home Safe?

Written by: Janette Fisher

Any person who’s in employment, works in a safe environment
As policies have all been put in place to eradicate accidents

But how many of us, are as diligent when it comes to our family
And risk assess each room at home to ensure it’s hazard free

Each year, there are so many injuries, that are caused by trips and falls
In the home, so experts tell us, that it’s the most unsafe place of all

Those most at risk are our elders, especially ones who live alone
When trips or falls at their time of life, can result in broken bones

It doesn’t take anything major, the smallest innocuous event
Can cause the elderly, a child or ourselves, to have an accident

Old worn slippers that slop off feet, over-furnished rooms
Chairs used as ladders and trailing leads are all where danger looms

Frayed loose carpets, and failing health, can lead to jeopardy
So ‘Safety First’ is the watchword, to protect from injury

Throw out shabby slippers - clean out rooms - make pathways clear
Secure trailing leads - use a footstool - have health checks every year

Ensure safety is your mindset, and risk assessment habitualistic
So you and your family don’t end up, as one more Health and Safety statistic.