Eagles Death Dive

Written by: Scarlett Sepulvado Anderson

Come to see the Eagles Nest so I could feel
One more time that wondrous spiritual ordeal
Longing to see the Eagle pair soar so high
Against the paleness of the brightest sky 
Ever upwards they go near out of sight
Join their claws and with all their might
Becoming one that moment in time
Their feathered bodies move souly entwined
They Plummet towards Earth and not very slow
A downward spiral there they will go
Speeding heads down like a flash of light
Spinning ever faster and diving while they unite
Just when you think they're going to crash
And on the ground leave all of their trash
They split back into two and lift away
To do it all over again on another day

Note: This is how wild Eagles mate. It is called the Death Dive. I have been fortunate to see 
this once in my lifetime. An awesome sight to behold! I am on a vision quest to experience 
this again and have been stalking an Eagle pairs nest at Yellow Dog on Sabine River close to 
where I live on TX. Day before yesterday I took a trip there when this poem was inspired. 

Copyright © by Scarlett Anderson
Written by 2/2/2010