rambeling on about you(i want this relationship to be alive)

Written by: chamonique knowles

i have to keep reminding myself
that i'm with you
because i never see you
i miss you
but i have barely seen you
i want to miss you truly and wholey
but we have to start somewhere
for me to get there
but right now 
we are no where
its as if our relationship
is just a shadow
instead of a actual object
a dream instead of reality
a sketch instead of a full blown picture
i want to color in the lines
i want to see something grow
and become
and bloom into a wonderful thing
but we are stuck in neutral
i want to go somewhere
with you
i want you right next to me
holding my hand
whispering sweet things in my ear
i want to look at you
i want to memorize every curve of your cheek
ever crease and shadow 
i want to look into your eyes and get loss
i want you to hold me when im down
and make me smile
i want to touch you 
hold you
see you
talking to you is great
but i need more
my heart desires more
a relationship is more than this
not that i'd know
all of my relationships have been horrible
barely relationships at all
but i want this one to count
i want this one to be real