A Schizophrenic Romance

Written by: mike patrick

she lied to you... like I didn't know
don't fight it, oh no no no
she let you down... i love her though 
she's my world...you can let her go

ya... i know... you know it all,
but its not that easy not to call
...oh no im not takin this fall
if you want to crash...then there's the wall

you can count me out on this one pal
we shall see... oh yes we shall
I'm the ref here... thats a personal foul!
you can't win... just throw in the towel

i tried...the pain will subside.
i dont think it will, atleast i have you to confide
you will live, now just obide
sit back in your seat and enjoy the ride

but i can't see her with another guy
...well then i suggest you don't try
...ya i can't handle another lie
well then its settled, it's mutual...good-bye