Groomed Betrayal

Written by: Kim Hilliker

I was not the bastard son with whom
You struggled to survive
I was the second child of a first marriage 
Whom you opted to deprive.

He was the emotional one
Always taking mommy’s hand
I was the strong one often 
Pretending to understand

“He needs me more than you do,”
Are the words that you would mutter
As you carefully groomed my nemesis 
Instead of being my mother

Long drives, you used to take 
To clothe him in OP Wear
While taking me to Goodwill,
And I knew it wasn’t fair

You begged him to come with you
When you filed for divorce
While leaving me with an empty house,
Showing no remorse

Years later we connected when I 
Didn’t hate you so much
Nothing really changed; for, you
Still lacked a mother’s touch

You made him elaborate meals 
in a house so very grand
And proceeded to make excuses 
Expecting me again to understand

When you died, it was I who found 
You lying on the floor
Because I was the strong one,
Like you said before

The chosen one sold your property
While seemingly not so sad
While I cried for a week straight 
For the mother I never had.