See how the rain

Written by: Pt. Bojosi Ditshwele

See how the rain oils
the dehydrated skin
and heal the excruciating pain
of the starving mother earth

see how it brings
long waited for salvation
to the malnourished 
fauna and flora

see how it brings
life to the dead
yet patient rivers
having waited for so long
under the hot burning
merciless sun

see how the rain fills
people with hope
joy and excitement
and washes away their fears
drowning them 
in water filled rivers

see then how the land is
dressed in colors 
captivating to the eyes
and how the air is
heavy with pungent aromas
and sweet with melodic songs
of birds caressing the skies

featured poem on home page from the 21st to 27th February 2011
8th position on ''Razzle Dazzle'' contest sponsored by Linda-Marie