To Pen a Poem

Written by: Laurie Ginn

                                                   To Pen a Poem

           I used to think in rhythm and rhyme
                      It plagued the very heart of me
                             I could not walk or look or sit
                                         My thoughts collected  
                                                 And to meter they would fit

                       My mind would wander in 
                   multicolored hues
           I looked at life from 
   a different view

                                    Time marched in and busyness came
                                             My time for poetry seemed to wane
                                                         Eventually the passion it did leave
                                                               But the healing power that
                                                                        I did need
                                                                            I found it
                                                                                  when I
didn’t see
    so much emotion inside of me

                               So much the gift I was given
                                               To heal a heart in rhyme and rhythm