Will She

Written by: Noble Smalls

Why wont you look into my eyes and confide in me?
The support offered within the boundary with limits unexplained like the teaching of 
the Aztecs.

I wont be your fool.
A tool to be used, to feel sorry for you, to be broken and tired of, when I will be 
replaced tomorrow
A borrowed shoulder for false tears
I refuse to lose my emotions this way

You have chosen to ignore what is known to be wrong.  For to long you've carried 
PAIN and Blame in the name for others to use and abuse you.  Leaving no error for 

Reason unknown.
Must be the game.

A well kept secret conspired to hurt leaving shattered , unhealed pieces of a broken 
heart in the wake of so much pain, evil could not bare.

She's a riddle never to be solved.
A problem with a surmise to answer for all questions asked.
Feelings made without love
the tears still burn, will she ever learn?

By Ksmalls