Written by: Jodie Steward

I know I don't visit like I should
But, please don't think its cause I don't care,
My heart is still mourning and hurting
Knowing your all alone lying there.

Your free of pain with eternal life
I know in your memory I should rejoice,
But, its not the same without you here
I'd give anything to hear your voice.

One more time to see your smile
Even to feel your gentle touch,
Hearing you laugh from deep down
Oh, this and more I miss so much.

The scuffle as your walking by
I can hear you coughing at night,
Feel your presence through the house
Your assuring me everything is alright.

So, untill one day when I'm called home
The heavenly angels come down for me,
I'll continue to keep you within my heart
While I keep replaying your memory.

Memory of my brother, Matt. R.I.P. 2/5/69-3/19/09