Written by: Swairik Das

A gentle breeze solaced by my langsyne
Enamored at your bonnie smile at first sight
I longed for time to see more of your shine
Flowed by your wavy smooth satiny coiffe an admired alight.

A beamish time reeled by your look so beauty
You prompted me to stay at grace
I saw you once again reveled by fancied eternity
Mizzled by sunshine and the rainbow that thumped my heart pace. 

A memory though unsung seemed cherished by your sobbed eyes
Called for more purity, dignity and affections implicit
I bogged by the state of mind that appeared more of nighs
Implored by a wish to my ladylove a love that is tacit. 

A captured sketch of yours by the words framed in ecstasy 
Colored more with unspoken admiration, anticipation and temptation
I painted and I painted it without imagery 
My ladylove a love for you felt today dropped by ambiguous destiny.