Tweaked Psyche

Written by: jai Garg

The awakened spirit in quantum leap
Of enlightened vision,
Overwhelms emotions with majestic
Soulful intense yearnings;

Vivid dream within quantum reality
Intangible emotions,
Dire need of personnel transformation
Quells the infinite mind;

Consciousness in the crazed clouded perceptions
Beyond soul enlightenment,
Present moment’s final destination
Infinite potentials?

Divine madness in the peak experience 
Senseless sensations,
Overwhelming ecstasy with desire
In spiritual journey?

Manic high in the dark night of the soul
Spiritual being in joy, 
Science of spirituality in the bliss
Internally lucid? 

Spirituality being for existence
Manic loosing his touch,
In spiritual path of peacefulness
Immense sparkling sunlight?

Spiritually awakened fulfillment
As karma risen up, 
Moves glistening instability 
Enjoying spiritual peak: