Written by: Marylyn Trujillo

Finally a house of our own after living 3 years with 
your parents!! I'm  so excited but yet so scared
how can this be its like am a kid again scared of
you like when we were kids ..

Am terrified to move out am going to be alone
just me and you am so scared like as when we
 were kids. Am just so scared maybe are relationship
will go down just so many if's and but's!! 

BUt am so excited that there is something i can call my own 
am just so happy that we can have our own place 
just me and u !!?? sometimes ii question if this is the 
right thing to do ? 

My life is changing so fast and i dont know if this is for the
best or the worst how can u tell what are the signs i wish god 
can just tell me if this is the right thing!!!