Dare to be Yourself

Written by: Ronald Bingham

We must live and learn to be that one person God intended for us to be,
Not someone from a fairy tale or childish made up fantasy.
Dare to be yourself, but do it in a Godly way,
Always seek the truth, and never be ashamed to pray!

Never get so big that you can’t help the lesser man,
Nor never turn away someone who offers up a much needed helping hand.
Take each day for what it’s worth, and make it your very best,
Learn to love the simple things, you will find life is much less stressed.

You never know who watches you or emulates your ways,
So especially, around little ones, watch those things you do and say.
Set your bar as high as you can, but know when you reach the top,
Then you will be satisfied when you know it’s time to stop.