The Anti-Virus

Written by: Diogenes Zuniga

The devil multiply
evil thoughts -
as well that simplify little bugs
in your mentality.

Rusting every part -
as water does to metallity.
killing the spiritual for once;
evil call it fatality.

Fatal virus running through your system
like the enemy;
marking: this is the end,
but that's the devil's blasphemy.

As for me!!
I am happy to share a cure
that set you free -
As I decree:
A golden shield for you and for me;
the power of Christ
right when he bleeds,
as for us - Jesus!!
Let it be your deeds.

Let it be your will,
as well that this writing
shall be sealed -
with diamonds and gold.

From The Highest, The Mightiest,
The Bold.
So don't be afraid when the atmosphere turns cold,
because that's the ultimatum for the virus -
when God put you on hold;
following by electro shocks to your system.

Re-building the house to be sold -
when He writes your name in the contract 
with a pen made out silver and gold.

The Highest, The Mightiest, The Bold.