Written by: James Ray Morris

I read of the Australian walk-about.
Where, when all out of sorts you walk and walk till you find yourself.

Well, it seems, I have been on a walk-about, for a very long time unable to shout.
One night, unable to sleep at 2am, I went for a stroll feeling unlike myself.

We lived in what some believe was very ancient Indian grounds.
Dating back to the dawn of time.

In amongst the spirits I sensed I felt one making very strange rounds.
this spirit and I felt a kinship, somehow, so I stopped upon a dime.

We shook heads in approval for I now felt I had met myself.
As if an old lost part of my life, stored like a dusty book, was now off the shelf.

Strange though it seems, ever since then, my life has undergone change.
As if I'm discovering new and grander territories through which to range.