A Little Night Music

Written by: Edmund Siejka

We had a good time 
Guys from Woodside, Sunnyside
Greenpoint and Astoria
Leaning on each other
Weaving through the crowds
Towards the exits
Leaving the club
Squeaking out just before closing time
Headed towards the corner joint
Open all night.

Waiting on line
Gotta go
So bad
But first
Stomach bursting for
Cheap burgers
Greasy and salty
Buy ‘em by the bag
Eat them on the way home.

Dark night of New York
All around us
Rich’s man town 
Separated from 
Working class
By rivers
Zip codes
And generations of mistakes
Nobody talks about it
Nothing to discuss 
Just a fact of life
Work with your hands
That’s how things are
If you complain
Nobody listens.

The place is crowded
It’s a late night circus
Counter people rush
Orders fly 
From a hundred directions
A razzle dazzle of
Loud voices
Earsplitting laughter
A fight starts
In a rear booth
Irish and Italian guys square off
Just like generations ago
A common refrain ushering 
Saturday night to Sunday morning
With a little night music.