your eyes tell it all

Written by: mike patrick

you're hiding something...
its just not all there
theres something missing
and you dont have a care

you say its nothing
but i sense its a lie
you blow it off
yet i still try...

if you want to throw us away
well then... i guess thats your call
i just wanted the truth...
and your eyes tell it all

a chance... a chance...
oh but one more...
one more more day
one more waltz through the door

you got what you wanted
...i hated how we fought
you're the judge and the jury
ill let you tie the knot

sentenced to life...
no chance of parole
you lied your way to the top
as i fell down the hole

ive lost my mind...
my hat is mad!!!
you've moved on...
i chuckle... kind of glad.

you threw us away.
that was your call.
i wanted the truth.
you lied about it all.