The Yeti's Conflict

Written by: James Ray Morris

As I set and ponder,
My mind does wander,
As if in search of an answer out yonder.

Suddenly, a I sense a thought from a creature so rarely seen.
But he allows his thoughts to enter my dream.
With desires that flow like a stream.

He says his name is Yeti, and lives in a land of high peaks.
And, he is not allowed to talk to men that travel about dressed like freaks,
Who run up and down the mountain in streaks.

Artificial fur these men always wear.
But, He and his clan can only stare.
For talking to them is something he can't even dare.

For ancient law prohibits them from talking to beings so strange.
But, he wishes to discuss the lands that so far away do range,
And much knowledge we could exchange.

Now, the dream does end
I now wonder how, to him, a message I could send.
So as to, cause his sadness to mend.