Written by: Keabetswe Molotsi

I'll walk past you down the street
I'll recognize your sweet heartbeat
You may glance back, or you may not.
Or see me `s love you once sought.

I heard your name inside a crowd
A murmur, but it's still so loud
Don't quite know if i heard it right.
It was just a whisper in the night.

We know each other at a glance,
Still. But now I've left it all to chance.
I wonder how we got to Here
To strangers, yes you heard me clear.

I know we're parting slowly, dear.
That's why the thought of you stirs fear.
I don't know how I'll live without
you, now to you I've grown devout.

Memories cannot be all, that i have left 
That's outright theft.
I need you, and you need me too
You love me, and don't I love you too?
We cannot drift into the blue,
We can't be done. We can't be through