Written by: A.R. Sword

Striding behind those who carry
The burden of those who passed
Walking on bricks 
Carved of the deepest black
With sand on either side
Rocks jutting out from the ground
Broken, harsh, and jagged
Observing those with tears in their eyes
The tears of great sorrow
Seeing birds of death flying everywhere
Birds of black, grey and white
Names scattered all around 
Written with faded coal black ink
On stained plaques of discolored white
Those who carry must reach this place
Where they drop their burden,
Hide it, bury it, where no one can find
But it will be found once again
Not to be the burden of those who carry
But the burden of those who passed
This place of lethe and memory
When the burdens are droped
All forget where they were
They joke and laugh
They forget their tears of sorrow