The Pirates Love

Written by: Sena Slaughter

Out on the shore he looked away, drawn by the oceans crashing waves; out on the shore her
heart it broke, as she watched him stop to smoke.

They knew that ties of love would sever, that he would go away forever; ne’er to return to
this shore, ne’er to see her, his love, anymore.

And so the sloop the pirate boarded, where all his treasure he had hoarded; away he sailed
to far new lands, to take from others with his hands.

Though he seemed so heartless and cruel, even he had loved a girl; and on a shore so far
away, they hanged the pirate there today.

She heard the news, her heart it wept, and so she plunged into the depth; her body found
broken and maimed, death the choice she had claimed.