Picture Of You

Written by: Eric Morthan

I sat on my bed
Feeling someone i'm missing
And I feel like I miss you

I took my guitar
Took my book and start singing
I'm writing a song about you

I try to remember those days
The days I was with you
I try to recall your sweet face
But I couldn't get a Picture of You

I wonder why did you left me
I want to know the reason
I am sinking underneath
Is my message being delivered

I always want to forget you
But I figured is the wrong to do
Where is the answer I am seeking
What is the real truth

I can remember 
The way you touched me
You used to like me

I can remember 
Many times I was there
I was the one who set you free

Free from the problems
That was haunting you

Free from all the people
That was killing you

And I could remember 
That I was always true

And I could remember
How I put myself through

Just to be with you..

I lied on my bed
And I start reminiscing
But there was no picture of you