That Which You Criticize Is That Which You Become #1

Written by: Kim Hilliker

The purpose of each life journey is to perfect the purity of love. Every incarnation, we evolve 
as a work in progress. Our earthbound experiences give us the opportunity to attune our 
souls to the likeness of God by advancing in spirit. We do this through the gaining of 
enlightenment brought upon by the mastering of our deeds and intentions. We come into this 
world with a purpose set before us which was agreed upon in spirit and though given a path 
to follow, we are susceptible to bad judgment and wrong doing according to the gift of free 
will. Most of us are good people with bad habits that, through age and experience, we learn 
to rise above. This is the natural order of human existence. Our most detrimental fault is the 
innate tendency to judge others.          
It’s human nature to criticize. We pass judgment on other’s appearances and actions every 
time we come in contact with another person. We do it in every public setting, to our friends 
and to our relatives. The error in this is that each of us eventually experiences or becomes 
the very thing we deem detestable. It’s an element of karma whereby the energy of our 
thoughts generate negative actions and reactions. Interestingly, the very thing that we 
criticize is an underlying component of our own character, recognized or not, that manifests 
itself and activates an undesirable dormant trait. If you mock a persons intelligence or 
appearance, that existence will become your own or a loved one’s so you feel the 
experience. This is true in all situations. Often times, those being mocked will raise their 
standing then have the opportunity to present themselves to their judger, whom will be of a 
compromising stature.