Have you ever??

Written by: Ronan Keary

Well its just one of those days when your stuck between two worlds,
Its all clutter inside your head, dont know which way to go.
One is right, one is left, 
Could you be right, could you be wrong.
Well I know I must follow my heart,
If im to move along.

Or that someone you've always liked,
You finally go on a date.
Try to decide what to say to her,
But words just dont make sense.
So you screw it all up and the whole things a flop,
Should I have tried at all?
But maybe iv learned from this little romance,
Stand up straight dont feel small.

Have you ever been all alone when you feel theres no one around,
You wanna lock yourself inside a room and never be found.
Have you ever felt like setting off to a place far away
Have you ever, have you ever, have you ever felt this way?