Written by: Colleen Bono

  I in know way take credit for the words to this song,
it is done by Alan Jackson.If you get the chance,
please listen to it for me.

 Why did she have to go,
so young I just don't know why,
things happen half the time,
without reason without ryhme,
Lovely sweet young woman,
daughter,wife and mother,
makes no sense to me,
     I just have to believe she....

 Flew up to Heaven on the Wings
of Angels,by the...clouds and stars
and past where noone sees,and she...
walks with JESUS,and her loved one's
waiting and I,know she's smiling saying...
 Don't worry 'bout me.

 Loved one's she left behind,..just trying
to survive..and understand the why...
feeling so lost inside...Anger shot straight
at GOD,then asking for His love..empty
with disbelief...just hoping that maybe she...


It's hard to say goodbye,her picture in my
mind...They'll always be of times I'll cherish,
and I won't cry 'cause she....


 This song was done by Alan Jackson
 but I really relate to it and wanted to share.
 Thank you for taking time to read this.