It’s the Climb

Written by: Abraham Lincoln

It’s the climb that makes the difference
Though the journey’s yet far to go,
A beam of light shines through the tunnel
Freedom cry, that’s all there is to know.

I can almost see it, and my heart pounds,
And skip a beat. Drown the voices negative
Echo, fast and long brush through your mind.
Hurdle after hurdle, leaves all your troubles behind 

This isn’t about how fast I’ll get there
Neither about what awaits me then,
It’s the climb, and my perseverance to the end 

One mountain after another, rivers deep
And valley’s wide. It’s the climb the 
Final outcome, when the journey is complete.

It’s the climb not the finish, it’s the joy
Of reaching to the end. Having overcome
Life’s obstacles, the climb ‘twill be worth 
It all my friend.