Unholy Spirit

Written by: Suhayl Schroeder

Unholy is what I am
Unholy is what I do
Unholy is everything from me to you

What is holy if all is unholy to me
What is holy if nothing is perfect and all is doomed
Created by a being that some doubt, some praise and some die for

Holy War
Holy Saint
Holy Cow
Holy crap you are all dumb
Can't you see the answer?
If none can agree and all is in disagreement
No conflict 
No hate
Just peace

Ignore the differences
Ignore the hate
Peace from you to me
And from you to I

Can all that has been destroyed be resurrected?
Live on and prosper 
Forgive but do not forget
Remember our mistakes without hate
Let it whither until we are free from our prejudice

Rebel against the system that controls your will
Rebel I say!
Take back that which is yours and remember who you are

I say no to the price of fuel!
People is not a price!
All this hate

All this is unholy