Kalie’s Prayer for Mommy

Written by: Lawrence Schrank

Kalie’s  Prayer for Mommy

It’s been three years a world of tears but there’s something you must know
I rest within our Father’s arms no choice but had to go

So wait dear mother faith can heal, I need you to believe
The gift of hope for every man is precious to receive 

So mommy… wait, please listen now…. I whisper in your dreams 
You must not greave I’m safe and sound I know how long it seems

I’m waiting in this world of light a place there is no harm
The day will come I’ll see your face and hold you in my arms.
My love will take you back to me I hold you in my heart 
Please live a life of love and joy I’m fine you need to start 

God will choose the day we meet we’ll sing and dance and twirl,
that day throughout  eternity you’ll hold me…… your little girl. 

APOM (for Ashley and her Mom)