Hello - Good bye my sunshine

Written by: Diogenes Zuniga

I wake up to the sunrise,
and I go to sleep to the moon-light, 
and the halo.

I kiss good bye the moon,
and the sunshine it's 
my sweetest hello.

Sun-rays coming down 
touching my eyes,
while at night I enjoy the stars
lightning the sky.

I get up to the morning vibe,
than I say hello to the falling night,
and let go good bye to my sunshine.

Sunshine is the brightest kind -
the one that lights up the sky
so fine.

Constantly I-
pray to Jesus for the shine
to be mine,
because the little moments we spend,
It’s the most precious time
and one of a kind.

That's why I kiss you hello
 and kiss you good bye..
Hello - Good bye my sunshine.