The Other Side Of Loneliness

Written by: Karla Null

There used to be a place inside of me, I
called lonely.
Sometimes it was more than I could bare,
no matter what I did, it was always there,
so empty, I had nothing to share.
I couldn't understand why, in a crowded room,
there was one, only.

I tried to pretend that everything,
was alright.
I walked around with a smile,
visited with people, once in a while,
because, pretense, was my style.
Yet, to myself, loneliness, bound 
me tight.

I didn't know that I was headed,
for disaster.
From myself, I learned to hide,
the turmoil, that I felt inside,
I was just, so full of pride.
Until I was saved by The

I know He saw my tarnished
For surely, I was hell bound,
when restoration, came around,
it grabbed me, without a sound.
Then I learned, what it meant to
be whole.

Now I know that loneliness is,
an illusion.
I don't know when it started,
nor how long, I was broken hearted,
only that now it has departed.
I gave the enemy back his

I can tell of the many blessings
being sent.
I realized that I am a host,
of the one I love the most,
when I received the Holy Ghost.
For this reason alone I
gladly repent.