A Little Child Cries

Written by: Ronald Bingham

In a far off place, a little child cries itself to sleep again as the night before,
He doesn’t understand why his little bloated body is weak and covered with sores.
This was the life he was born into and no one here seems to really care,
While we stuff ourselves, a child is near death because we don’t take the time to open our
hearts and share.

I think there ought to be an Army that goes into these countries armed only with food,
medicine, and a whole truckload of love,
To give hope, to the hopeless! What a blessing and testimony to our Savior up above.
Our pets get fed better than these poor people do,
And it is not necessarily their fault the tribulations they are going through.

I thank God that I have never had a child of mine cry itself to sleep because there was no
food for it to eat,
It may not have always been what they wanted, but they never went hungry or had to beg
upon the streets.
I am poor, but I am blessed in more ways than I will ever know,
And everyday I thank the Lord as I watch my love for Him grow.