Me, Myself or I

Written by: Stefania Carmen Misaila

I’ll be running,
So as not to meet myself again…
I’ll cross the street
To get on the other side
And hide between the trees if necessary,
Just so I won’t see me…
I’ll undress my shadow,
My footsteps, I’ll scrape them over 
The wet grass,
My breath, I’ll feed it to the birds…
Nothing will be left of me
And then I’ll slowly cross over,
On the street where I’ll be lost…
I’ll hide in the crowd
With unfamiliar faces,
And look around hopelessly for me.
And if I’d ever meet me, myself or I
I’ll be ashamed…
For my words will grow cold….

I’ll pass on the other side of my existence…
To avoid this me that I’ve become…

© 2009 Stefania Carmen Misaila