Written by: dharmy della

U aLoNE MaKeS Me hAppY WEN SkIeS R gReY
u uNdAsTnD mY FeARs
u BriNg SmILeS tO mY FaCeu cheeR ME Up WeN MoodY
u gIVe mE A ReaSoN tO LiVe 4 AnOdA
u brIghTeN uP mY DaYu r My gUArdIaN aNgEl

U GavE mE A hAnD To HOlD WeN i NeEeD oNE
U sToP thE TeARs frOm rOllIn dOwN mY chEEKs
u r AlWaYs DeRE bEfOrE mE WaiTiNg
U R mY SoUrCe Of inSpIrAtIOn
U R AlWaYs DeRe WEN oDaS fOrrSaKe MeU bOrE mY pAiN WiT
Ursu r My miSsiN RiB

U R mY PeRfEcT gENtLeMaN
u WeRE MaDe FoR Me
u aLwAyS cOmPlIMEnT MeEE....