Written by: dharmy della

Its not once
It's not twice
That i lied to you!

But you know,
That truth hurts
so i lied to you!

All are lies except my true feelings...
All are lies my feelings are real.!

The damage has been done
But i don't want you to leave
Take me back
As i promise you a change.

Time heals wound(s)
But what would become of me when you leave..
It's fresh within me as eva,
I'm sorry i lied.

I was reallyscared of loosing you
So i lied to keep you with me
Close to my heart with lies,
Now, the truth is out and you, i have lost.

All i ask is your forgiveness
Please gimme a second chance
To make things right with you
I know i lied!!!
I know you love me coz you told me so.
I lied coz i love you!!!
I know.... I just know...and I'M SORRY I LIED...