Written by: Geoffery McHugh

We should be as thick as water-we should 

The half-life of the carbon in the waste product of the mollusk on the seafloor is
35913.78 turns of SOL(ace).

We should be like water we should stiffen ourselves against the brutal
elements and wait until the slowly dying star rises over the hill, heralding our
return to softness. 

We should be malevolent, like water we should
erode away the creations of corrupt creatures. 
I can see it now. 

Through the cracks in the foundation the building we worm as liquids do.
then, and here's the crux of it, we
wait until a frost descends-


ICY Expansion as the concrete pops and quakes, a straw to
the camel's back and bring us back to speed.
swiftness and Ionic bonds will serve us well.

Loose not your feeble footing lest you tumble into hell.