Which Way, Oh Lord

Written by: Ronald Bingham

Lack of knowledge causes confusion and division,
That is why there are so many denominations each having an individual vision.
Instead of focusing on the one true issue, “Jesus our Savior,”
They become entwined in serving man, “ call it Human Behavior.”

Each church tries to put its own brand on the way we should serve our Lord,
And that leads us to some areas that may not be fruitful, and could cause us our heavenly
Man has a way of trying to take over and improve “God’s” holy word,
When all that is asked is our obedience, nothing more should be incurred.

God’s Commandments should be our daily walk,
Delighting ourselves in His Word should be the main subject of our talk.
Taking the straight and narrow is not the easy road to travel and few succeed,
But it is the way our God commands with warnings we must heed.

God says do not take away or add to His word, as so many do in this modern age,
God is never changing and for those that don’t believe will one day encounter, the fury of
His wrath, and the power of His rage.
In His mighty eyes we will all stand naked, everything we’ve ever done exposed,
Not the darkest of our secrets hidden, to God all things on Judgment Day will be disclosed.