The Encounter

Written by: Steve Malebranche

Out of nowhere she appeared
Something out of a movie scene
And this time it was no different
Boy meets girl is usually the theme
She came in with her orange hair flowing
With the movie star glasses
Without her ever knowing 
Beautiful is a term she surpasses
You’ve taken my breath away
Is what I wanted to step up and say
But as fast as she had stepped in
She also disappeared like the wind
I have spent so long searching for that love
For the one I believed was true
But once again love has escaped me
What else is there to do
The beautiful eyes and wonderful smile
It was as if heaven were dialed
The cute face and itty bitty waist
I’m never tongue tied but this time was not the case
I couldn’t believe my eyes 
And wondered if it was a dream
She was so unbelievable
So I guess a dream is what it seemed
I didn’t sleep that whole night
Trying to get her out of my mind
I wanted to hold her oh so tight
To the point our bodies entwined
I awoke to the idea that today will be the day
That I will be able to sit and speak to her
For I prepared all the words I shall say
My hopes were fulfilled
For there she was standing
My soul was all fluttered
To pop out my chest, my heart was demanding
i got the nerve to walk up and speak
I was so nervous; I thought my mouth would leak
She took off the shades 
And looked into my eyes
I had to stop for a moment 
Because I was so mesmerized
We end up speaking for a few minutes
But forever is what it seemed
Her ride had come to wisk her away
To another part of her day
But before she had left 
I exclaimed please tell me your name
She said oh I’m sorry I forgot to say
My name is Shyvonne
But you can call me Shay