thinking about you...

Written by: alisa cook

we been together for awhile now ,we shared tear's and laughter .
we helped eachother find a path where we both could shareour hope's at last.
my heart fell to the ground when you told me you was sick'
i thought  you were kidding ,i thought you where playing again with my heart.
diden't understand why we kept falling apart . 
but now i know your for real and you been letting go to ease this pain i'm feeling now 
you'll never really know, 
how can i let you go when i just found i love you so.
i miss you when your not around ,i miss you when i dont hear your voice .
or get to tell yu about all my joys .
i miss you talking crappy about crazy funny thing's that made me laugh! 
i miss you telling me how crazy i am over little thing's that dont much matter . 
yea i think about you and i'll never let you leave my heart even if this world tear's us apart.