They Rush Past Me

Written by: Misheel Chuluun

(They) Rush past me
With the rest of humanity
Past the catches (break)
In the winds
The grazing (pleasures)
(The) raw and (bitter)
Creating the new ecosystems
Of some future minds
It’s just cold—don’t (shiver)
Lie they screech
In languages un-human (inhuman)
The (last) supper
Was left uneaten (forever)
Leave the riffs
Unsatisfied (Idolized)
Slightly off-key and open
So your hearts (are) left draining
Hear the emptiness
Feel… (desperately)
Gibberish, half-baked
Disjointed, grotesque
These prematures--
Ejected from my mind (packed)
Too full of the things to come
Spilling unto today (of all days)
All my seeds of tomorrow’s (genius)
Oh never mind that
Spend those disparate lines
(And) so nobody understands
Just you (stupid) words
Leave me alone
You’ve created nothing
Drug me down