Eyes Of The Night II

Written by: airton parra

Rain falls into the gelid night, washing the light of  moon.
Behind the dripping glass, eyes dived from this empty room,
Feeling in thoughts such as a rhythm sound of the waters,
Freezing the clock hours, when the moments are golden.
Eyes of the night, washed by the hills in a deep blue sky.
Watching in a dark who invaded the fields of the shadows.

Eyes of the night will be guide by sentimental waters,
Searching the hidden star from the tropics of others eyes.
The time and the moment, fighting as a lords of destiny.
Vanishing from the window, all lives in remembrances.
Darkness; desert of the night. Infinite mystery of woods.
As a black pupils of tiger, devouring all darkness shadows.

Silver threads knitting mantas to wear the constellations.
Invisible soul carries by the wind sailing in a little boat,
Tattooed over the night skin, has the name of darling.
Building windmills, throwing arrows over gray clouds.
Sentimental craved into the deep bottom of the heart.
Eyes of the night; travels guide through the shadows