A Quiet Thank You to My Love

Written by: linda smith

I lie here alone, miles away,
talking with you on the phone.
I can almost feel your touch
when I close my eyes.

I have memorized your body
and replay it nightly,
in my head, before I sleep.

This love I  have for you,
is what keeps me going.
Doing this job that I must do.
For without it,
I would wither and die.
Your love is my life force.
It gives me air to breath,
nourishes my soul,
and keeps me begging for more.

To you, I give my love in return.
You are the life
I have been waiting to live.
You gave me wings to fly,
and set my heart free.

When I think,
I couldn't possible love you
anymore than I do now,
I discover that I can.
You have filled my life
with a passion I 
never expected to encounter.
Thank you for loving me.