Faith not Fear

Written by: Kristy De La Keur Scoveille

"Have faith and not fear
 I love you my dear."

How can a woman 
Such as myself
Resist these words
And not fall herself?

I am wary for a reason
For life has been unkind
Love has been shaken
And I have been blind.

I feel that I am unworthy
And that I am forever
Meant to be alone
That this I must endeavor.

You see me as strong
And sometimes outspoken
Yet I am still fragile 
And a part of me is broken.

I want to love again
And to feel the sun
Yet I feel I can't
For I am not the one.

The one who is happy
The one who is glad
For right now I am 
The one that is so sad.

I must admit though
Your persistance is 
Finally getting through
All of my emotional fizz.

I see the light is near
That I may finally be
Happy for once and
That someone loves me.

Please be patient
For sometimes I slip
Stay with me though
And my mood shall flip.

"Have faith and not fear
 I love you my dear."