Beauty Was Not There

Written by: Beau Regard

The scent of beer and wasted tobacco burned in my nose
Perfumes swirled about, but nothing caught my strict attention
The smell of Beauty was not in the air, because Beauty was not there

My eyes lazed about the crowd looking for something sweet
Many shapes flashed by flaunting the female form, but nothing of interest
The perfect curves of Beauty never caught my stare, Because beauty was not there

My one hand held a damp bottle close waiting for another drink
The other squeezed the formless air wanting something soft to grip
My hand couldn’t touch the silk of golden hair, because Beauty was not there

Arms waving in the shadows around questioning couples
People left their love on the floor with the ashes and dried tears
My heart was calm beating slowly without a care, because Beauty simply wasn’t there

I lay in my bed with the death of the evening all around me
But my ears caught the memory of words spoken in my longing slumber
It was as if Beauty had finally found me, in that place between dreams and daylight

The hopes of seeing your beautiful face keeps my heart at bay
Knowing that the feel of your beautiful embrace keeps the lonely cold away
You are Beauty, and you are perfect, and I can’t help but go on about you this way