The Pious Dreamer

Written by: Beau Regard

The rolling clouds upon the horizon
They hold such ominous beauty 
An ancient power, an awesome fury
I am but a grain of dust in their winds

“Good evening my son”, God’s faint whisper
His breeze fills my mind with serenity
And my soul fills with strength of spirit
“Go into my creation, and find yourself”

Light flashes around me as I lay in the grass
The wind quickens; the blades turn silvery green
I look inside myself and there is warmth
A fire burns on the fuel of my dreams

“Do as you wish, just keep me in mind”
God’s voice fades as the rain begins to fall
I now see the power of the gifts he has given
This body, my tool; this earth, my workshop

I am the only one who can keep me from my dreams,
Everyone else is my audience, here to show me how far I’ve come