Written by: Beau Regard

Again, I sit back a little lower in my chest
	Settling in for another long and lonely rest
	Trying not to dream, trying my best
	Trying to forget my love and her fragrant zest

Again, I press my heart in a book to dry
	Sitting in the dark, trying not to cry
	While the voice in my head asks me why
	And I answer, “you know with me, to love is to die”

Again, I take great pride in nothing I own
	And envy someone else with angry tone
	And wish I had something someone else had shown
	But these are only wishes, and I give up my throne

Again, I have fallen in love with someone who is not
	An innocent mistake, a pure and delicate thought
	But I’ve realized again that I am not worthy of that knot
	So I’ll have another seat inside myself in another uncomfortable spot
Again, I have offered myself to Venus and She has passed on by
	Again I tell myself there’s no point to try
	Again I feel my heart and then I feel it grow cold
	Again I remind myself that I will forever be alone