Written by: Prince Freakasso

Her palsied mass depicting hapless shape,
A victim of heartless human rape.
This deathly site against a post,
Still so much alive like most.
With a wizened look and grotesque stare,
Breasts exposed,the rest too bare.
Assets devoid of former glory,
Reaching out to tell their story.
Agony encrypted on lips and brow,
You cannot help,but ask but "How"?.
Emaciation in stages beyond anorexic grace,
More like a skull than a womans face.
Like a shivering banshee in Alaska,
You're feelings' cold,can't stop and ask her.
Anticipating death she stands aghast,
Waiting patiently to breathe her last.
A whistling wind beckons ever slowly,
What succour now would help one so lowly?
Once a babe of parental kindness,
Today discarded by a world so mindless.
The end has come the throes begin,
Saying Goodbye to a life of sin.
From a deathly look and furrows of anguish,
Freedom at last! Death comes with a flourish.

                                          ----- Princefreakasso

                                              (Artist and Poet)