Innocent Moment

Written by: John Streeter

I was stareing at you just the other day and just another way, just another moment
to bring fond memory of your sweet lips & sexxy hipp's as my mind went wondering on 
a longly trip.  A trip of yesterday's - days of when we first met and on this trip of my mind,
I cann't forget those words that was said to each other and I remember whispering as we
laid there and kiss, and my heart did spent, the way you look at me was love at "Innocent
Moment". Love, WOW! such a powerfull word as then trouble came and things began to 
change and two ships on a voyage for whatever the star's were destine to be we quickly
became lost of the moment and you said, "you nolonger love me".
    But as the day's turn to months and then to year's gone by.  One day by grace we met
again face to face, thing's had change we no-longer hunger for the worst of our attitude, 
you saw the man in me I saw the women in you, together the link in the chain began to 
strengthen our relationship, hand's all over each other the message of love was well sent.
Lip's touching together, two bodie's caresing together for us was, "Innocent Moment".