Tattered Heart

Written by: Kirstie Fontes

For I fear 
what you might hear 
upon my trembling lips.
I say no more, 
my heart is sore, 
they'll be no sinking ships.

Your eyes I see, 
they call to me, 
and reach my very soul.
But I retreat, 
I won't repeat, 
the life and love you stole.

You pull me near, 
ignore my fear, 
and plead with out a word.
My eyes cast down, 
my face a frown, 
I curse my tears absurd.

You lift my chin, 
you always win, 
and give a gentle kiss.
I hesitate, 
you're just too late, 
I can't give in to this.

You say to me, 
that you can see, 
that I still want you near.
But I must fight. 
Though I know you're right, 
it's more than I can bear.

I feel the ache 
of my heart break 
as I turn away from you.
I breathe in deep, 
hold in my weep, 
and bid my love adieu.